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We’re a results focused digital marketing agency that gets results for our clients 

Why Us?

We Create Unique Ad Campaigns That generate leads, bring in sales and grow Your Business

Our focus is your results, we deliver quality leads or drive more sales to get better returns on your ad spend. We don’t focus on vanity metrics that get you nowhere.

Why Fresher

We are a digital marketing agency that only focuses on marketing activities that produce results and get you a return on investment . We generate quality leads and boost sales using functional websites, high performing ad campaigns and engaging content. 

We don’t get tied up with outdated platforms or irrelevant campaigns that don’t get you a return. Our work is set up with accurate conversion tracking so that you know exact how they perform. We work across three main areas, websites, ads and content and build campaigns  around what will work best for you.

Why Digital

We predominantly use digital because of the results we can produce. Every campaign we run is measurable so you know exactly how well it is performing. 

Digital also means targeted, we can ensure your ads reach the right people in the right places. On top of that, we can reach those who are actively searching for your product or service. Even those who have been on your site but not done what you wanted can be re-targeted with a special message. All of this means that you can be sure that will see a return on any investment 

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Why should you work with us and not a traditional agency?

Traditional agencies

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Over-All Strategy

We work and advise on your Over-All Strategy while we run and manage your ad campaigns. 

Digital advertising is a great way to get the right traffic to your site but you should always be working on a long term plan. We constantly monitor and optimise everything we do to ensure its longevity. 

Customer Journey & UX

We look at your potential customers journey and their experience when they interact with your brand. 

Looking at the entire journey your potential customers face helps us understand them better. The better experience your customers have the more likely they are to commercially interact with you.

Landing pages & website

We create stunning landing pages and ensure they are relevant to the Ads they are linked to. 

We also look your website and make sure it’s fast & responsive. We won’t send traffic to your site if your website is not up to standard or you risk loosing the traffic you’ve just paid for. 

Content & Creatives

We create stunning ads and engaging content that draws in your audience. 

A great looking ad is the difference of a sale or a scroll through. Content is still king so we write engaging relevant copy 

We go further

We support your full digital infrastructure

All digital marketing avenues are intrinsically linked together that’s why we make sure all of you efforts flow together.  

We look at every touch-point your customers, and potential customers, go through when they interact with your brand and make sure each is up to the highest standard.  

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