Results Focused Email Campaigns


so, What do we do?

we create email Flows & Campaigns that make sales soar

In an ever-growing competitive market, it’s important to keep your audience and customers engaged with your brand and email marketing is the perfect tool to do just that. We make flows and campaigns that build customer loyalty, promote more of your products and service and keep you customers coming back time and time again.   

how do we do it?

we build out a full email marketing strategy

When it comes to finding the right audience, nothing is better than the right Paid Social campaign. We use a range of different Social platforms to ensure that we can reach the right audience, with the right message, for your Brand. We show them jaw dropping Ad content and copy to convert them into your next customers.  

how do we do it?

We use engaging content that converts

We have a team of designers that get to work on every email that goes out to ensure it stands out and draws your audience in. That along with strategic email drops means the right people are seeing the right emails at the right time.

how do we do it?

We understand and use all available data

The most powerful tool in our belt when it come to scaling businesses is data. We are constantly monitoring and analyzing all available data so we can clearly see what is working and what is not. What we don’t do is commit any time or resource to anything that is negatively affecting or isn’t up to standard on your campaign and the way we do that is through data. 

Our Process

here's how we ensure our email campaigns succeed

We either fix existing campaigns or set up a new ones that follow a simple yet effective structure – Plan, Implement, Control & Evaluation. Here’s some of the ways we do this.



What is the objective of the campaign?

We define and set clear objectives for every campaign. Once we know what our objectives are, we can focus on how to achieve them.


What are your best selling products?

A fatal error of any campaign is trying to promote what doesn't sell. Our strategy is based around promoting your best selling products to bring in new customers.


Who is our target audience?

Firstly we look at our existing email list, how we're interacting with them and how we could reach them better. We then look at ways to increase our email lists to reach more people.



What Ads will work best?

We test different creatives, tones, call to actions and messaging to see which will work best. We don't operate on hope for the best​.


What does the customer journey look like?

We look at your potential customers journey, the touch points and their experience. We make sure your website and landing pages are optimised for the highest possible conversion rates.


What data is available?

The more data we have the better! if you have previous campaign data we look at what was (and wasn't) working well and where we can make improvements.



Is the campaign performing as well as it could be?

We constantly monitor our campaigns to see if they are performing as well as they could be. The longer we work with our clients to more we know about what works and what doesn't.


Is your campaign on track?

We make sure your campaign is performing as expected by measuring it against milestones and objectives we set in the planning phase.


Do you know what's going on with your campaign?

We make sure you get frequent reports on campaign progress and that you have direct access 7 days a week to the expert assigned to your campaign.

Our results

See for yourself the results we generate for our clients

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When it comes to finding the right audience, nothing is better than Paid Social. 

Pulling in customers actively looking for your products with Paid Search.

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